Jubna launched in 2014 with the mission to create a major and positive change in the world of online journalism digital advertising in the MENA region.

We then developed a native ad format that blends with a site's editorial feed and pages, which results in better view-ability and exposure of ads, along with higher conversions. This also meant a high Ad Click-Through rate for publishers and a new stream of income for their work.

If you are an Advertiser or Content Marketer, Jubna will take your product or service to millions of users in MENA and beyond.

And if you were a Premium Publisher seeking an additional stream of income, Jubna will work with you to serve highly engaging native style ads on your pages that match your user's interests and achieve a Monthly recurring revenue, sometimes better than traditional Ads.

Behind every great company is a great team. We pride ourselves in having the brightest minds in Ad-Tech in MENA. This was a main factor behind Jubna's quick growth within the past 3 years, to become the largest sponsored content network for Arabic language sites, with over 12M daily user reach.

Jubna's advanced ad serving algorithms and audience interests machine learning modules will work for your success and deliver results that exceed your expectations at every level.

The team at Jubna follows the Japanese "Kaizen" Approach to business, which aims to eliminate waste in all systems of an organization through improving standardized activities and processes continuously. This in turn brings ever more efficiency improved performance for every client or partner.

Map of Jubna