Native Ads Versus Facebook Ads: Determining the Right Fit for Your Advertising Goals

As someone looking to advertise, you've got plenty of options—Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and more. But today, we're diving into just two: Facebook Ads and Native Ads.

These are big players in the ad world, and advertisers often compare them because they work in different ways and connect with people in unique ways.

Native Ads fit into content naturally, blending in with what you're reading or watching. They're smooth and don't interrupt your experience.

Meanwhile, Facebook Ads are known for targeting specific groups and reaching a huge number of users.

Understanding how these two work differently can help you make smarter choices when it comes to advertising.

Understanding Facebook And Native Ads

When we speak of Facebook advertising, we're referring to the advertisements that grace your Facebook timeline.

These ads are more than just boosted posts – they're designed for performance-driven campaigns aiming to drive website traffic, capture leads, and boost conversions.

Native ads, on the other hand, are crafted to blend with the content of the platform easily or application where they are displayed.

They offer a non-intrusive experience to users, remain resilient to ad-blockers, and capture the right amount of user attention. Native advertising proves equally effective for campaigns focused on traffic generation and conversions.

Native Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Now, let's explore the subtle yet significant distinctions between these two advertising powerhouses.

1.Soft-Selling vs. Hard-Selling Approach

With Facebook Ads, you must aggressively compete for user attention, often resorting to eye-catching creatives to stand out in the cluttered content feed and elicit strong emotional responses from users.

Native ads take a more subtle and non-intrusive approach to selling.

They seamlessly integrate with users' content consumption habits, enabling brands to communicate casually.

Advertisers can address specific user pain points and offer effective solutions without the aggressive sales pitch.

2. Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time

Facebook provides an array of controls and targeting options, allowing you to identify your desired audience.

Whether you create saved, custom, or lookalike audiences, Facebook empowers you to target users based on their interests, demographics, and locations.

The platform also facilitates retargeting of users who have previously engaged with your digital assets.

However, with the gradual shift to a cookie-less future in digital advertising, the future of targeting remains uncertain.

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On the other hand, native advertising allows you to target users based not only on basic socio-demographic characteristics but also on context and relevance.

It ensures that your ad content aligns harmoniously with the website's content, fostering a more authentic and meaningful user experience.

Jubna's platform utilises first-party data from advertisers and direct partners, ensuring that targeting settings remain effective in the changing landscape of digital advertising.

In essence, Facebook Ads are more geared toward reaching specific users, while native ads focus on finding the right context for advertising and tailoring the content to a particular audience.

Native ads provide a nuanced approach to audience targeting, taking into account contextual subtleties that interest-based targeting alone may miss.

3. Retargeting Across Platforms

Large-scale campaigns often necessitate multiple touchpoints with users for interaction and retargeting.

Running Facebook Ads to entirely new audiences can be challenging as these users may lack trust or awareness of your brand.

Native advertising can help initiate conversations with prospects and subsequently retarget them on other platforms, like Facebook.

By importing custom audience from Jubna ads onto a Facebook campaign, you can approach users with increased trust and brand awareness.

In this manner, native advertising bridges the gap and significantly enhances the efficiency of your Facebook campaigns by retargeting users who have already demonstrated interest in your brand.

Jubna's Native Ads vs. Facebook Ads: A Comprehensive Comparison

To help you navigate these waters effectively, we've prepared an exclusive, in-depth comparison tailored for Jubna.

We've crafted a straightforward table that simplifies the differences between Native Ads and Facebook Ads, giving you a clear understanding of your advertising choices.

AspectNative AdsFacebook Ads
FormatDesigned to match the platform's look and feel, blending with the contentVariety of formats including image, video, carousel, slideshow, and more
PlacementCan be placed on websites, apps, or social media platformsExclusively on the Facebook platform and its affiliated apps
Targeting OptionsFlexible targeting options including contextual targeting and tailoring content for a particular audienceExtensive targeting options including custom audiences, lookalike audiences, etc.
Ad Placement ControlOffers control over ad placement and contextProvides control over ad placement within the platform
Ad TransparencyLabelled as "sponsored" or "ad" to disclose their promotional natureAds are labelled as "sponsored" or display the advertiser's name
Ad EngagementDepends on the quality and relevance of the content to the platformOffers various engagement options (likes, comments, shares, etc.)
Ad Performance MetricsMetrics may vary depending on the platform, typically include impressions, clicks, and engagement ratesTypical performance metrics: reach, impressions, click-through rates, conversions, and more
Ad PricingPricing models can vary depending on the platform and ad placementDetermined through bidding processes, based on the audience, competition, and relevancy
Audience ReachDepends on the platform and the specific websites, apps, or social media platformsFacebook has a vast user base, providing access to a large global audience
Retargeting CapabilitiesWide retargeting optionsRobust retargeting capabilities
Ad Creative ControlProvides flexibility in creating visually appealing customizable adsOffers some creative control but constrained by platform guidelines
Ad ManagementMay require working with individual publishers or using native ad platformsDone through the Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager


The choice between Facebook Ads and Native Ads depends on your unique objectives, target audience, and campaign strategy.

A good blend of these advertising solutions can elevate your reach and impact.

So, when you embark on your advertising journey, ask yourself one pivotal question:

What is your goal?

Whether it's looking for good ROI, expanding your brand's messaging, or ensuring brand safety, remember that Jubna is here to ensure your chosen path leads to the treasure trove of advertising success.

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