Native Advertising Blunders: 9 Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Campaigns

So, you took the plunge into native advertising to grow your business, but the results fell short of expectations.

Instead of welcoming new customers, you're left with clicks that don't convert. It's frustrating.

But will you say that native advertising as a marketing channel does not work for you?

What if it's just a matter of doing it the right way?

Like any marketing tactic, native advertising shines when done correctly. Crafting a campaign involves many elements—understanding your audience, honing your brand message, setting goals, and more.

Maybe in the rush to meet your marketing objective, a crucial aspect of the process was missed.

Let's dive into 9 common mistakes that can sabotage your campaigns and learn how to tackle these challenges effectively.

1. Choosing the Wrong Platform

Picking the right native ad platform is a vital step influencing your campaign's success.

If native advertising isn’t delivering as expected, take a closer look at whether your platform aligns with your goals and reaches your audience.


Popular platforms working with various publishers might seem like the obvious choice, but smaller networks could work better, especially for small businesses or specific industries.

For instance, if you're a small business targeting Arab-speaking audiences, platforms like Jubna might be better suited.

Ensure the network collaborates with relevant publishers, especially for niche-specific topics.

2. Lacklustre Ad Engagement

Wishing for more clicks on your native ads?

It's time to revisit the ads themselves. Surprisingly, many advertisers struggle to create engaging content for native ads.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution here. While following general best practices is helpful, understanding audience preferences based on trends, cultures, languages, and niches is crucial.

For example, According to a study reported by ScienceDaily and, black and white images perform better in the business category, but in pet-related niches, colour images reign supreme.

Tailor your ads based on these insights to boost click-through rates.

3. Neglecting Quality Content

Getting decent click-through rates but poor user behaviour metrics? There might be multiple reasons for this, including the absence of quality content.

Native advertising isn’t just about ads; it's about offering valuable content. What happens after someone clicks your ad?.

Do they find something engaging that keeps them on your site? Or do they leave disappointed?

Unlike banner ads, native advertising is valued for its credibility, thanks to the value it provides.

Top-notch content can turn visitors into customers, but low-quality content damages your brand credibility.

Ensure your native ads present quality and relevant content to your audience. Whether promoting existing articles or creating new content, conduct thorough audience research to hit the mark.

4. Misaligned Ads and Content

Ever clicked on a catchy ad only to find the content didn’t match the promise? It’s a letdown. This mismatch might be plaguing your campaign too.

A fascinating ad that misleads visitors can lead to frustration when the content fails to deliver.

If this rings true, reconsider your ad headlines. Make them accurately reflect the content and capture your audience’s interest.

Be specific—mention benefits, numbers, and how your audience gains from the content.

5. Neglecting the Customer Journey

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Native ads aren't just about landing page conversions. They're the beginning of a relationship. Understanding the customer journey matters as much as choosing the right targeting options.

Align your marketing efforts with this journey, tailoring content to captivate and nurture audiences at every stage.

New audiences need introductory content; retargeted visitors require content guiding them closer to purchase. Consistency matters.

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6. Disconnected KPIs and Goals


Setting KPIs without aligning them to campaign goals leads to disappointment.

It's not merely about setting KPIs but about ensuring they resonate with what you seek to achieve.

Imagine you're aiming for brand awareness, wanting your audience to recognize, remember, and engage with your brand.

In such cases, focusing solely on conversions might not paint the complete picture.

Instead, consider metrics like impressions and behavior. Impressions unveil the extent of your brand's visibility.

It's the digital footprint you leave behind, contributing to building recognition and recall.

However, it's not just about being seen; it's about being remembered and influencing behavior.

Behavior metrics delve deeper, indicating how audiences interact with your content.

Are they engaged? Are they exploring further? Understanding user behavior provides invaluable insights into the resonance of your brand message.

In a brand awareness-focused campaign, these metrics become your guiding stars, illustrating how well your brand is seeping into the audience's awareness.

While conversions matter, they might not be the primary indicator of success in these scenarios.

7. Ignoring Holistic Marketing Strategy

When people buy things, it's not just a straight line from seeing an ad to buying.

There are many steps in between. Just focusing on the last click before someone buys doesn't show the whole picture.

You need to think about all the steps that led to that final click.

Think of native ads as part of a bigger plan to tell people about your brand, make them aware of it, and guide them towards buying.

They're like signposts along the way, showing people where to go and what to consider before they make a purchase.

8. Forgoing Split-Tests

Testing different things in your ads is super important. If you don't do these tests, you won't know what makes people interested.

Try out different ad styles, headlines, and show them to different groups of people one at a time. This way, you can find out what works best.

Each test helps you understand a little bit more about what people like. It's like a puzzle where each test helps you see what's good and what's not.

By doing these tests, you can make your ads better, so they're more interesting and get more people to do what you want them to do.

9. Overlooking Click Origins

Where are your clicks coming from?

Spending on irrelevant clicks that don’t convert is futile. Monitor and reassess targeting options to ensure clicks come from relevant sources.

Remember, monitoring campaigns while active helps make real-time adjustments and guides future strategies. With Jubna tracking, you will know where each click is coming from and how to maximise such a source to your advantage.


Avoiding these native advertising blunders is vital to unlocking successful campaigns.

By addressing these nine common mistakes, you're on the path to maximising the potential of your native advertising strategy.

But why stop there?

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